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Series BT Bimetal Thermometers offer accurate, reliable service even in the toughest environments. These corrosion resistant units are constructed from stainless steel and are hermetically sealed to prevent crystal fogging. The bimetal element directly drives pointer, eliminating gears and linkage. An external reset screw allows field calibration and easy-to-read aluminum dial minimizes parallax error. Choose back connection, lower connection or adjustable angle for easy viewing and installation. Adjustable models can be rotated a full 360 degrees and tilted over a 180 degree arc. NOTE: When using in pressurized applications, use a suitable thermowell.

  • lower connection
  • 3 dial
  • 2-1/2 stem length
  • range 0/250 F (-20/120 C)
  • 2 F (2 C) div

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Dwyer Instruments BTC3255D