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Extech s Multi Channel Hygro Thermometer, with easy to read 1.3 (33mm ) digits, displays indoor Temperature and Humidity levels. You can connect up to 8 wireless transmitters to remotely measure Temperature/Humidity levels up to 98ft (30m ) away. The LCD is designed with an auto night light and it displays icons that indicate indoor comfort levels and trending arrows that show the increase, decrease or constant readings. It also records Min/Max for the duration of each measurement session. Ideal for multi room environmental monitoring for restaurants, manufacturing facilities, offices, homes, greenhouses, and storage/archive buildings.

  • Base Station LCD with Auto Night Light displays local and up to eight remote Temperature/Humidity readings either auto cycle or manual mode from the wireless transmitters
  • Easy to read 1.3 (33mm ) oversized digits
  • Min/Max recording with reset
  • Indoor Comfort icons displayed on Base Station indicating too cold, comfortable, or too hot/humid conditions
  • Trend arrows indicate rising, steady or falling of the Temperature/Humidity readings
  • Snow icon appears when remote temperature is 37.4 °F (3 °C ) or below
  • Transmitter LED flashes to indicate normal operation
  • Transmitters can be mounted up to 98ft (30m ) from the base station
  • Operates at 433MHz, FCC approved
  • Includes a base station with 4 AA batteries and one transmitter with 2 AA batteries. Additional remote Transmitters (RH200W T ) sold separately (up to 8 transmitters can be wirelessly connected to the base )

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Extech RH200W