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The models CTS3000 and CTS5000 multiplexers are components of the modular system of our precision thermometer series.

They are used to switch between several thermometers in order to make the measured value registration easier or even to automate it. This saves time and with that, also money.

Our multiplexers can only be used with one of our model CTR precision thermometers. These feed and communicate completely autonomously with the multiplexers. The multiplexers are operated reliably by solid-state relays, so that high-precision switching from channel to channel is possible. Due to the use of high-quality materials, no loss of accuracy is to be expected, either. All settings for the thermometer on a specific channel, such as the measuring range, characteristic curves or measuring current, are made directly on the measuring instrument. In addition, these settings can be comfortably managed from a PC and also via the interface of the measuring instrument.

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Mensor CTS3000-MULTI