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Series RSF Flowmeters are designed with unique rotatable scales of dual, air-water direct reading graduations. Flow rate is indicated in SCFM and SLPM for air and GPM and LPM for water. Graduations are marked on a rotating, polycarbonate tubeshield which also serves to protect the borosilicate glass flowtube. Flowmeters include a reflective plastic background and 1.5 X magnification lens to reduce eye fatigue and allow for more accurate readings. A blow-out back panel provides additional protection in the event of breakage. Series RSF Flowmeters are available in vertical in-line mounting or panel mounting. Units are shipped completely assembled and include standard mounting hardware for quick installation.

  • Max. flow rate 30 SCFM (900 SLPM) air, 5 GPM (20 LPM) water

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Dwyer Instruments RSF125